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A look “behind the news”

Love this pod - a unique collection of guests and topics The questions asked are very thought-provoking: be ready to have debates with yourself Highly recommended to anyone interested in news journalism, reporting, NGOs, global charities, or international development.

Fascinating and unique!

Every episode of this podcast has its own flavour, as we are introduced to the various lives of the “storytellers”. It is especially fascinating hearing about the issues typically faced by them personally and professionally, as they go about their day-to-day lives. Usually we read the end product of investigative journalism (for example), without fully considering the experiences of those who bring the stories to us. This podcast, therefore, is quite unique - and the questions asked by the interviewer are pertinent and well-judged.

Informative and Interesting

Having never taken in the third sector, I thought this podcast might be quite dull. Thankfully, it has been designed for a wider audience. The guests are interesting and the host asks perceptive questions. Recommended.


This is BEYOND amazing Susannah. Your knowledge, interest/fascination and the interviewee’s experience really grab our attention. And what is so important - really positive!!

Mind blowing

Thank You for creating this Susannah. The kind of show the world needs to hear right now. Exceptional interview style And beautiful idea. Can’t wait to hear more.

Thought provoking & compelling

A refreshing and eye opening approach to the challenges and opportunities of storytelling, and what this means in our brave new world.