April 21, 2021

4: There is a price you pay as a foreign correspondent - Iain Overton, writer and campaigner

This episode features Iain Overton, a multi-award-winning investigative journalist based in the UK who has worked in over 80 countries around the world unearthing hard truths about human rights and gun violence. Iain was the founding editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism where he worked with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to uncover the Iraq war logs. His films have been broadcast by the likes of the BBC, Al Jazeera and ITN and he has worked with The Guardian, Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and The Sunday Times. He is now Executive Director of the charity Action on Armed Violence as well as a lecturer in human rights investigations at the UK’s Birkbeck and City universities and the author of two books – the latest of which, the Price of Paradise, he has generously offered to give away to one lucky listener.*

We talk with Iain about the merits of journalism for someone who wants to use their career to do as much good as they can in the world; the emotional sacrifices Iain made through his work reporting human rights abuses; and what it was like to be detained by terrorist group Hezbollah during a reporting trip to Lebanon.
 *To win a copy of the Price of Paradise, described by The Guardian as 'provocative and timely.... highly readable,' please leave a rating and a review of Storytelling for Impact on Apple Podcasts and send a screenshot of it to storytellingforimpactpodcast@gmail.com before 16 May.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

Action on Armed Violence report which found that black people living in Greater London are over three times more likely to be a murder victim

Bureau of Investigative Journalism reporting of the Iraq War Logs

Iain’s charity, Action on Armed Violence

Find out more about Iain:

Iain’s website